General Subdivision Process for Built Strata

General Subdivision Process

Built Strata developments

  • Contact Automated Surveys (AS) preferably no later than when all buildings are at plate height. The earlier the better during the construction stage – ideal time would be when the concrete pads have just been laid. However a built strata can be undertaken even when the buildings are totally completed and even occupied.
  • Licensed Surveyor attends site for boundary re-definition and surveys Buildings
  • Preliminary Strata Plan produced
  • Licensed Valuer engaged by AS for Unit Entitlement ( Form 3 )
  • Registered Building Surveyor engaged by AS for Building Certification
  • AS lodges required documentation with Local Authority for their approval – (BA16)
  • Licensed Surveyor finalizes Strata Plan and all documents are lodged at Landgate
  • Settlement Agent or Conveyancer applies for new titles
  • New titles issued at Landgate

This is a basic summary of the main steps in the subdivisional / land development process for built stratas and is not the same as the steps in the subdivision process for green title or survey-strata developments . There are many more steps throughout the process that weren’t considered necessary in a summary of this nature.