General Subdivision Process for Green Title and Survey Strata

General Subdivision Process

Green Title and Survey Strata developments

When you do a Green Title or Survey Strata Subdivision with us, we can offer you an additional project coordination service. This takes out all the guess work for you and our experienced staff will deal with the various authorities and contractors. They will coordinate all the required events to occur at the most appropriate time for your development so that it all happens efficiently and smoothly. Along the way our Project Co-ordinators will keep you informed, generally by email, of the progress of your development. This is a great service for people who either aren’t sure of the processes or simply don’t have the time to spend and want to get the development done quickly.

  • Detail / Feature Survey
  • Subdivisional Proposal Plan
  • Lodge application at WA Planning Commission (WAPC)
  • Receive conditional approval from WAPC
  • Automated Surveys (AS) requests the Water Corporation Agreement and the Western Power Quote
  • A Licensed Surveyor attends site for boundary re-definition
  • Preliminary survey plan is drafted by AS
  • Clearances are sought from authorities by AS, if client is ready
  • Clearances received, plan finalised for lodgement and clearance documents lodged with WAPC
  • Settlement Agent or Conveyancer applies for new titles
  • New titles issued at Landgate

This is a basic summary of the main steps in the subdivisional / land development process and is not the same as the steps in the subdivision process for built stratas . There are many more steps throughout the process that weren’t considered necessary in a summary of this nature.